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Cartoons by Joan Townend

When off duty many service men and women spend their leisure time engaged in various hobbies. Wren Joan Townend was no exception and enjoyed drawing. 

Joan Townend cartoon Christmas 1944

She was inspired by the Wrens around her and depicted them undertaking their daily routines and activities.  Her simplified, stick-like cartoon figures are highly animated and provide us with a more light-hearted and humorous insight into the life of a Wren during the Second World War. 

Joan's artistic talents later recieved recognition when her cartoons were used on the cover of the Diamond Jubilee issue of the Association of Wrens Magazine, The Wren in June 1980.  She donated her drawings to the Museum in 1988.

To see more of Joan's cartoons, why not visit the Sea Your History website?

Accession number 1988/11

Choice of Victoria Ingles, Curatorial Project Officer

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