Royal Naval Museum



September 2006

As from Monday 18th researchers can now search the Museum's new manuscript database on-line.  This contains over 12,000 records describing what is available to researchers through the Library Reading Room.

October 2005


As from Monday October 3rd, visitors to the Library will be subject to new Naval Base Security regulations.

All visitors will require a naval base pass to the Library. These will be obtained from the Heritage Security Office, situated near to the Library. All visitors must therefore ensure that they have a prior appointment or they will be asked to report the Museum reception desks to get a Visitor Notification form.

You are strongly advised to bring some form of photographic identification with you (i.e. passport, photographic driving licence etc) Alternatively, you can provide two pieces of ID containing your address (eg utility bill, bank statement etc) If you do not possess such ID, there may be a delay in allowing you entry to the library while other checks are made.

(Please note that if you have opted out of the commercially available electoral roll, you may have to be escorted through to the library as the MoD security may not be able to verify your identity)

All visitors may be subject to a bag search.

We apologise for any inconvenience with the convoluted procedures which are beyond our control.