Naval Heritage Centenary

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Middle store, Portsmouth Dockyard

Damage to HMS Warspite 1916A VAD sketch by Joyce Denny


Research Programmes

The National Museum of the Royal Navy actively promotes research into navies and sea power.  To this end, the museum will be running a series of seminars, conferences and other research led activities.  To learn more, follow the links to the left or download our brochure here.

The research programme aims to engage with all those carrying out research into navies, be they new or established scholars, working independently, or as a group, or privately, at a museum, or an educational institution.  We aim to present new research, analysis and opinions covering a wide range of topics that fall under the umbrella of naval history. 

This programme is being led by Dr Duncan Redford, the Museum’s subject specialist in modern naval history.  Dr Redford’s current research centres on the relationship between the Royal Navy and British national identity between 1870 and 1980.

He can be contacted by email or by phone on 023 9272 7577, or at:

The National Museum of the Royal Navy

HM Naval base (PP66)




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