Naval Heritage Centenary

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Middle store, Portsmouth Dockyard

Damage to HMS Warspite 1916A VAD sketch by Joyce Denny


Research Seminars

Seminars presenting new research on aspects of naval history:

These seminars are a new venture for the Museum.  New and established scholars will present their latest academic research, analysis and opinions on their areas of expertise.

All seminars will take place in the Princess Royal Gallery, NMRN Portsmouth and are free of charge. Seminars commence at 1730 and last one hour.


9 November

RM Memorials: The Public Memory of the Royal Marines in Combat.

Dr Kevin Harris, independent scholar

14 December

‘I dunno what we’d do without our cinematograph’: Naval port town cinema-going in the early twentieth century

Dr Rob James, University of Portsmouth


11 January

The Falklands War (1982). The Experiences of Naval Wives and Families.

Vicki Woodman, University of Portsmouth

8 February

Soldiers or Sailors? Royal Marines: A Unique Fighting Force

Dr Britt Zerbe, independent scholar

14 March

Those they left behind: Naval families during the Napoleonic Wars

Dr Helen Doe, University of Exeter

9 May

Packing a Punch: Naval cartoons in print, propaganda and private scribbling

Mr Matthew Sheldon, NMRN

Researchers wishing to contribute papers on any aspect of naval history to the 2012-13 seminar series should send a title and a 300 word abstract of their proposed paper, plus a one page CV to Dr Duncan Redford by email.

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