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Slavery Through Objects

In this hour-long workshop exploring the human stories behind slavery, one of the most useful and effective activities is using real and replica artefacts to produce cinquain poems, five-line descriptive poems consisting of ten words and a summary word.

These are some examples of poems produced during the workshop:

'Shackles' by Arwel, Ben Mike and Matt,Oxford and Cherwell Valley College


Trapped, uncomfortable

Screaming, chaffing, crying

Twisted, sick, scarred, demonic


'Neck Collar' by KS3 students from Basingstoke

Neck Collar

Restraining, Scary

Shocked, despairing, worrying

Frightening, hopeless, shameful

Stolen freedom

Or students could try something different -

The poem below explains the student's reaction to leg irons - a mixture of confusion, surprise and irony:


Tapped alive on a dark, dark night

On a dark, dark ship

Oh what a fright!

Cold, wet and tied so tight

Oh what a fright!

Leg iron, leg iron

Oh what a fright!

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