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SATURDAY 21st MAY 2005

11.00am – 4.00pm

WHO ELSE WAS AT TRAFALGAR?: Latest research on the officers and men of Nelson’s Navy

New technology is transforming methods of historical research; historians can now record and present information in ways that were impossible 5 years ago.  This seminar will focus on three projects which have used the benefits of the internet and of digital technology in research on the Battle of Trafalgar of 1805 and the Great War of 1793-1815.  The research for the first time helps us understand “who else was at Trafalgar?”

•  11.00 - Registration & coffee

•  11.30 –  The Ayshford Trafalgar Roll - Derek and Pamela Ayshford

Derek and Pamela are the authors of the comprehensive CD-ROM publication, ‘The Ayshford Trafalgar Roll’, which holds the names of over 21,000 men who were listed on the musters of British ships on 21st October 1805.  This is both a fantastic genealogical resource, and a searchable database which reveals the true structure of the ages, birthplaces, nationalities, and recruitment of the men of the Trafalgar Fleet.  This paper will consider some of the questions their work has raised.

The Ayshford Roll is available for sale on CD-Rom. For more information, contact the Museum Shop

  12.30 - LUNCH

•  13.30 – The Complete Navy List - Patrick Marioné

Patrick Marioné is the author of this CD-ROM publication, which contains details of more than 11,000 commissioned officers who served in the Royal Navy in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The information covers individuals’ careers, their personal lives, their parents and families, the honours and pensions they earned, and much more – extending even into what they did after the wars.   This work has raised many questions about the officer corps – what age did they enter? how did careers progress? – and his paper will consider these in depth.

The Complete Navy List is available for sale on Cd-Rom. For more information, contact the Museum Shop

•  2.30 – The Sons and Daughters of Trafalgar ® - Captain Peter Hore

Captain Hore’s project is building a database of the descendants of those who fought at Trafalgar.  His research has uncovered the archives, and stories, of many who fought at Trafalgar which are still held by families living in all corners of the world.  This paper will present the first fruits of his research.

•  15.30 - Plenary Session

•  16.00 - Finish


More information about these projects can be found at www.ageofnelson.org


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