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Making a gift in your will

When the time is right, we very much hope that you will consider making a gift to the Museum in your will.  Giving in this way will cost you nothing now and means that you can still look after the needs of your family and loved ones.  But such a gift will help future generations learn about and appreciate the story of the Navy and its people.

Set out below are examples of the most common forms of legacy that you can use to make a gift in your will.  We hope you will find this useful, but you are strongly advised to seek professional advice before writing or altering your will.

A gift of money (Pecuniary legacy)

A pecuniary legacy specifies a defined sum of money to be left to the Museum.

A share of your estate (Residuary legacy)

The residue of an estate is what is left over after all other bequests, taxes and debts have been paid.

Reversionary legacies

A reversionary legacy allows you to leave a gift to a loved one for use during his or her lifetime, which will then pass to the Museum after this time.

Specific or non-money legacy

If you have an item with a Naval connection that you think the Museum might wish to add to its collections, do please contact us at the time you are writing your will – or before if possible -  so that we can discuss this with you.  We already have extensive collections, and, with limited storage and resources, we have to be selective in what we take in and a refusal can cause embarrassment and distress to your loved ones. 

We would welcome gifts such as property and stocks and shares. 

Changing an existing will

If you already have a will in place, it is not always necessary to rewrite it to include a gift to the Museum, as a Codicil may be used to amend terms. Please click here for a sample form of codicil

Which Charity?

The National Museum of the Royal Navy

The National Museum of the Royal Navy (registered charity No 1126283) was established in 2008 to provide an umbrella for all Naval heritage throughout the country and indeed across the world.

The Royal Naval Museum

One of the first actions of The National Museum was to incorporate the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.  Since Spring 2010, the Royal Naval Museum has operated under the branding of the National Museum.  But for the purposes of receiving legacies to support its specific activities in Portsmouth, the Royal Naval Museum (previously registered charity number 266563) is now constituted as a subsidiary charity of the National Museum with the registered charity number 1126283-1.

The Friends of the Royal Naval Museum and HMS Victory

The Friends are an independent charity (No 269387) whose purpose is to support both the Museum and the Victory.

For further information on any aspect of making a gift in your will to us, please contact

Julian Thomas

Head of Development and Fundraising

National Museum of the Royal Navy and HMS Victory

HM Naval Base (PP 66)

Portsmouth PO1 3NH

Tel: 023 92727567