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'Keep an Eye on Education!'

Trafalgar! and The Story of HMS Victory

The Victory Gallery opened on Trafalgar Day, 21 October 1999. This new exhibition provides a dramatic introduction to the story of HMS Victory, her crew and one of the most famous battles of the sailing ship era.

Trafalgar! a multi-media walk through experience, that allows visitors to witness events from the gun deck of Victory during the Battle. Trafalgar! places the events within context and makes an exciting introduction to The Story of HMS Victory exhibition and HMS Victory itself.

The Story of HMS Victory exhibition includes both hands-on and computer interactives, which introduce children to members of Victory's 1805 crew and invite them to take part in various shipboard tasks. Join Gunner William Rivers and the rest of the gun crew as you choose the correct shot, load and fire the cannon on The Great Guns computer interactive. Assist Ordinary Seaman George Aunger or Carpenter William Bunce as they go about their daily chores using the Heave Ho! pulleys interactive or the Forget Me Knot knot tying interactive.

The new exhibition also has an oral history section 'The Restoration of HMS Victory' by shipwrights and dockyard workers; a unique collection of ships' figureheads and decorations and an education room which will be used to run practical workshops and events.

For more information on the workshops/practical sessions to be held in the Museum, please contact the Education Officer, Royal Naval Museum - 023 9272 7582, or E-mail your question.

The Sailing Navy

On 7 May 1999, the Princess Royal opened the Sailing Navy Gallery and was shown around the exhibition by pupils from St Edmund's R.C. School, Portsmouth. The exhibition has been very popular with schools of all ages since its opening because it uses a wide range of learning experiences and offers insights into the social history of the Royal Navy.

Boarders Away provides an opportunity to see real weapons used by sailors of the eighteenth century, watch a video showing how sailors fought and handle a replica musket and sword.

Feeding the Sailing Navy looks at how the victuals were ordered, stored and shipped and the average daily diet of a sailor. Children have the opportunity to climb inside one of the largest barrels, a leager, (PLEASE NOTE SPELLING) comparing themselves to its size and that of other barrels; investigate the contents of the feely bag; discover the hidden occupants of an oatmeal barrel and see why sailors preferred to eat their biscuits in the dark!

This exhibition also allows children to Take Command of a 74 Gun Ship. Using a computer interactive they have to choose their crew and take on enough provisions and weapons for a voyage on the high seas. If they succeed and capture the enemy, they are promoted Captain and given a Prize Sword and a reward!

Nelson - the hero and the man

Who was the real Nelson? Using clips from the many films about his life in Nelson on Film; examples of the world-wide interest in Nelson on the Internet and the latest research to recreate a life-like figure of Nelson, this exhibition enables pupils to draw their own conclusions about the naval hero.

The collection of Nelson memorabilia and the many portrayals of 'the hero' illustrate his public life and the hugely popular following Nelson commanded. The letters and journals provide a unique insight into the private life of 'the man'.

Key Stage 1

For younger children, the activity unit provides opportunities to think about Nelson as a Famous Person, using jigsaws based upon his portraits, feely boxes, tracing his signature and listening to the bo's'un's call. These activities can be used to explore Art, History or Language Development. There is also a childrens' video available in the gallery based upon the portraits of Nelson. The video should be booked in advance. Please E-mail the Museum in advance to arrange a booking.

National Grid for Learning

The Royal Naval Museum is a Registered Charity : No 266563

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Created 6 September 2000
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