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Trafalgar Experience!
Guidance for parents or carers of young children

The Museum would like to advise all visitors, especially those with young children, that Trafalgar! contains re-creations of the battle and some medical scenes.

Often, if children know what to expect, they are not so scared. If they do not know, then their imagination takes over! The Museum would like to inform parents what to expect in the Experience, so they can explain to their children. Together, you can make an informed decision about visiting Trafalgar!

The Museum encourages as many people as possible to visit the Experience. We believe that that it is the best way of understanding the battle without being there!

If you have any queries about Trafalgar!, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

What will we see in Trafalgar ?

Area 1 - The Waiting Area and Main Reception

Commentary about HMS Victory; Trafalgar Computer Quiz; Information Screens comparing the modern navy with the navy of 1805.

Area 2 - The Briefing Room

An audio-visual presentation in which Nelson and Napoleon explain their tactics and we discover who was involved in the battle and why they were there.

Area 3 - The Gun Deck

A re-creation of HMS Victory's gun deck during the battle.

Please explain to your children that they will see dummies dressed up as sailors. The cannon will make loud noises and move. It looks as if one dummy is injured.

Please reassure your children that the dummies are not real people and anything that looks like blood is just red paint.

This area is as realistic as we can make it, without being too scary! Sea battles in the 19th century weren't nice! The crew would have experienced far worse, for real.

Area 4 - The Operating Area

An audio-visual presentation with Mr Beatty, the ship's surgeon, explaining what happened when Admiral Nelson was shot and died. Actors are shown pretending to be injured sailors. Immediately if front of the screen are dummies lying injured. Again, please remind your children they are just dummies, not real people.

Area 5 - The Wyllie Panorama

A sound and light experience accompanying the large panoramic painting of the battle by W L Wyllie.

The Royal Naval Museum is a Registered Charity : No 266563

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Created 6 September 2000
Last modified 23 October 2003