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The Sailing Navy Exhibition at the Royal Naval Museum

Royal Naval Museum
The Sailing Navy

Housed in a splendidly restored C18th naval storeroom - complete with original floor made from timbers taken from captured French and Spanish ships. The gallery is named after Captain Kenneth Douglas-Morris who presented many naval medals and other memorabilia to the Museum.

The exhibition offers an entirely new view of the Sailing Navy, based on the very latest research. It challenges the traditional view that life in the great sailing warships was 'Hell Afloat' and offers a more balanced picture. Interactive and very much 'hands-on' it is specially designed to engage the interest and imagination of visitors of all ages and abilities.

Key displays include:

To find out more about Food in the Sailing Navy, click here.

To go to the web site of the Historical Maritime Society (HMS), whose members recreate life in the Sailing Navy, click here.

The Royal Naval Museum is a Registered Charity : No 266563

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Created on the 1 August 2000
Last modified 4 November 2000