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Lee Kramer

Name: Lee Kramer

Rank: Able Seaman 

When did you join the Navy?
October 2002

Why did you join the Navy?

I joined when I was 17, I think I was just bored and wanted a career that would give me opportunities to do things such as travel the world.

Which ships have you served on, and which was your favourite?
HMS Invincible, HMS York, HMS Bristol and now HMS Victory.
My favourite ship to serve on was HMS York, as I was on there the longest so I got to visit more places.

Where you serving now and what is your current job?
On board HMS Victory I am the senior rates mess man, meaning I keep the ship maintained by doing things such as stock check, running the bar, being the ships driver. All together making sure the ship is ready for any events or functions we may have going on,  as well as helping with the day to day tasks

If you were not serving on a historic ship, what would your role be?
When I am at sea I am part of the upper deck gunnery crew and work on radars in the operations room.

What training do you need to do your job?
6 months training at the warfare school and then trade training at HMS Dryad.

What is the best part about being in the Navy?
The best part is the social live and the people you get to meet.  Also the variety of job opportunities the Navy offers you is brilliant.

What is the worst part of being in the Navy?

Having to life out of a bag and being away from home, When your in the Navy it’s hard to plan your life. The Navy is more of a lifestyle then a job.

Where is the best place you have visited with the Navy?
I liked Hong Kong, it has an amazing culture and lifestyle over there. Also Sri Lanka. Their way of living is so different to ours. A big mc meals cost 35p and the average wage was £4. We lived like royalty when we were there.

What was your most interesting moment?
Being sat in a Turkish bath in Istanbul and Sting was in there too!

Also in Hong Kong we pretended that we were in a band, and somehow managed to persuade the manager of the club to let me play the drums. I went on the stage but couldn’t read the music as it was all in Chinese. I carried on and played along as best I could. I felt like I was a rock star

What would you be doing in you weren’t in the Navy?        I’d be a jockey; I used to ride horses before I joined the Navy,

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