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Friday Club Favourites

The Friday Club have returned to the National Museum of the Royal Navy. This time we asked them to pick their favourite item from either the Sailing Navy gallery or the Nelson Gallery.

Take a look at what they picked!


Nautilus Shell 

I like this piece as it is different from most other commemorative pieces. I believe this piece has character and a personality, and the decoration would defiantly make me stop to have a closer look.


Statue of Rear Admiral Lord Nelson

Through this model I feel as though I can touch a piece of history. It also gives me the ability to gain clarification as to fact about Nelson i.e. his height. This means I can compare what Nelson was like to me. Having a face to look in to means I can capture the soul of the man.



The Battle of Trafalgar, painting by Thomas Luny

I think this picture is very realistic and when I look at it I can picture myself being in the scene, this is the type of painting id love to have in my living room to be able to look at and imagine all day.


Sword of midshipman Benjamin Baynton

The amount of history that this sword holds is amazing. The piece is beautifully decorated with attention to detail and yet was still used as a weapon.

Betty and Margaret

Statue of Lady Emma Hamilton

We like this piece because Emma looks beautiful and natural looking. The period of time is inculpated by the elegance and the dress of this model.


Liz and Joan

Miniatures of  Read Admiral Lord Nelson

We like these pieces because they all show different interpretations of one man and show how peoples judgement can affect works of art. Each one has a particular thing that stands out at us.


China wear

I like these because you cannot purchase anything like them in the present day. They are personal to the Nelson era. The fact that you can only see them in a museum shows how valuable and special they are.


HMS Victory off the Isle of Wight, painting by John Wilson Carmichael

This piece tells a story to me and takes me on a journey. It is very realistic and I feel as if I could reach out and touch the people in the painting.

Betty Pat and Edna

Barrels of rum

These bring back personal memories of husbands in the navy and of the culture we had in those days.


When the Friday Club visited us in January they took a good look around and picked their favourite things in the Victory Gallery. Take a look at what they chose and why they like it!


Captain John Pasco’s Prayer Book – Captain of HMS Victory

This reminds me of my father’s book. He was nearly 100 when he died, so his book was very similar. I wish I could look inside because I think there might be hymns in there as well just like my father’s book.


Battle of Trafalgar, painting by Nicholas Pocock

This is my pick because it is a beautiful piece of work. I like the light in the painting, the use of colour and the scale is good too.

Phil, Edna, Pat and Betty

Launch of HMS Warrior model

We like the details, you can learn a lot from this about life in those days. We didn’t realise that people went onboard to look at the ship before its launch.

John and Doreen

Launch of HMS Warrior model

The individual figures are wonderful and the work that has gone into it is amazing. I wouldn’t have the patience to make this. I think it’s the best model I’ve ever seen!


Dolly and Doris

Launch of HMS Warrior model

This is lovely and takes you back to olden days. It’s a great model with a lot of details. You can imagine the scene. It takes you back.

Joan, Pam, Liz and Margaret

Model of HMS Victory

We like this because of what it says about the history of our city, Portsmouth. It shows we had a navy and reminds everyone of what a great seafaring nation we were. It makes us proud!


Carving of HMS Victory’s original figurehead

I like the workmanship. I look at it every time I come in.


Carving of HMS Victory’s original figurehead

I like it because I was a wood carver and realise the work as well as skill that went into it. In those days they wouldn’t have had the tools we have today. I knew the man who carved the figurehead on HMS Warrior. He started with a tiny mannequin and the end result was the huge, magnificent figurehead. It was amazing.


Portrait of Lt CH Binstead

I love this. I think the sketch is very romantic in style. He’s an officer and I feel he was a very romantic person. Looking at it I just want to know his story, what he was like and what he did.


Keep an eye out for more from the Friday Club soon!

Other Projects

Our Community Curators project aims to increase access to our collections by local groups. We work with them creatively both across the city and in the museum enabling them to investigate areas of interest and develop new skills.

Activities range from behind the scenes tours and object handling sessions to photography workshops and reminiscence sessions. Outcomes include community magazines, photographic exhibitions and trails.

Senior Service

The Friday Club also worked with museum staff to create Senior Service, a magazine about their memories.

Click here to find out more about the magazine.

MAST (Media access, support and training)

MAST investigated the museums collections and created a photograph display about the Dockyard and Portsmouth which has been on display at Portsea Library.

Click here to find out more about their work.

For more information about becoming a community curator contact the Learning Team by email or by calling 023 9272 7584.

For details and dates of all forthcoming events see the Events& Programmes section in the left-hand column.

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