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We are always working on a range of projects that help schools explore the collections in more depth and introduce children to new skills and ways of working. Our projects often have long lasting benefits to other visitors too, by resulting in products and resources which can be used after the project has ended.

Current Projects

Their Past, Your Future

Face to Face: Documenting experiences of conflict

This project trained a group of Year 5 pupils from Stamshaw Junior School as documentary film makers. Working with professional film makers they interviewed veterans of conflicts such as WW2 and the Falklands War as well as people currently serving in the Navy.

During the summer term ten veterans shared their stories and experiences of conflict with a group of children from Stamshaw Junior School. The children explored the museum's collections including the 20th Century Gallery to help them find out more about recent conflicts including World War Two. They have also taken part in training sessions to help them learn film making techniques and how to use the equipment.

A special premiere event was hosted at the Royal Naval Museum's Nelson Galleries where the films were shown and all the film-makers received a glittering award - read more and see the pictures of this stunning event here

The films, along with  artefacts, documents and photographs, will be used to create Kitbags for use in school workshops, outreach and reminiscence work within the local community.

Past Projects

Sea your history-Dockyard then and Now

Pupils from Stamshaw Junior School took part in object handling sessions, site visits and used IT resources to investigate the development of Portsmouth Dockyard. This project led to the development of a new workshop for schools as well as some interactive features on the Sea your History website.

Sea your history-Sea with your own eyes

An art project with students from Mayfield which explored propaganda posters and used them to inspire them to create their own posters. Click here to find out more.

Get to know the Navy

Have you ever wondered what its like to be in the Navy? A group of school children came up with some probing questions which were put to people serving in the Navy to find out more….

Work Related Learning Project

Students from Felpham Community College took part in a pilot scheme allowing them to experience work in a museum and to create multisensory resources to support people with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Funding from the MLA, Aim Higher and Creative Partnerships allowed us to work with a group of students from Felpham Community College on this exciting new pilot project. The new Creative and Media Diploma will aim to introduce students to the world of work and this project was a trial to see how museums can be involved.

The students took on the role of museum workers with a brief and a budget to create a multisensory resource to be used by visitors. They took part in a range of sessions to give them an insight into working in museums. To get them started they had Health and Safety briefings and had behind the scenes tours. Then they found out more about accessibility issues and ran their own focus group to help them create their resources. One group opted to focus on life in Nelson’s Navy and the other on the story of HMS Coventry during the Falklands War.

They designed the look and the contents of the boxes including smells, sounds and tactile objects all aiming to make the museum more accessible.

If you would like to find out more about any of these projects or have an idea you would like to share with us please email the Learning Department.


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