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Within the UK there is a wealth of information resources on naval and maritime history. Below are a number of reference sources, which aim to help you begin your navigation of the subject.

Factsheets and Bibliographies
Service Records
Official Ship Records
Sources of Merchant Shipping and Personnel Records
Reference Sources
Research Tools

Factsheets and Bibliographies

As part of an ongoing project the Royal Naval Museum Library have been compiling a number of Factsheets and bibliographies which aim to provide a brief introduction to popular Royal Naval personalities, ships and events. Please click on the following link which will take you to the list of Bibliographies and Factsheets which are available to you online. [Factsheets Subject Index]

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Service Records

Please note: the Royal Naval Museum does not hold any official service records within their collection. All official service records are available via the following resources.

  Personnel (Pre 1925):

National Archives (formally known as the Public Record Office)

   Personnel (1925-39):
available only to next of kin on written request.

CSR2 Navy Search, Ministry of Defence, Bourne Avenue, Hayes,
Middlesex UB3 1RF

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   Personnel (Post 1939):
available only to next of kin on written request.

  For information on Naval Ratings please write to:

    Post Service Enquiries, Room 1045, Centurion Building,
    Grange Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO13 9XA
  For information on Naval Officers please write to:

    Naval Service Subject Access Request Co-ordination Cell,
    Naval Manning Agency, Building 1/152,
    Victory View, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3PX

   Medal entitlements: available only to next of kin on written request.

 Medal Section, Room 1068, Centurion Building, Grange Road,
 Gosport, Hampshire, PO13 9XA

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Official Ship Records

  All available ship records are officially held within the National Archives

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Sources of Merchant Shipping and Personnel Records

   General Register & Record Office of Shipping and Seamen,
 Llanstrisant, Llandaff, Cardiff,CG5 2YS

   Merseyside Maritime Museum

   National Maritime Museum

   National Fisheries Research Centre (trawler histories)
 Alexander Dock, Great Gimsby, Lincolnshire, DN31 1UZ

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Reference Sources

   Commonwealth War Graves Commission   -

   Family Records Centre   -

   Imperial War Museum    -

   Naval Biographical Database    -

   NMLAG via -

   Royal Navy   -

   Science Museum    -

   Veterans Advice Unit   -

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Research Tools

   British Library - Newspaper Library    -

   National Archives    -

   National Register of Archives    -

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   National Archives of Australia    -

    Australian National Maritime Museum    -


   National Archives of Canada   -

    Maritime Museum of British Columbia    -

    The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic    -

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   United States of America

   National Archives of the United States of America   -

    Naval Historical Centre United States of America    -

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