Naval Heritage Centenary





Welcome to our Centenary


Robert Bruce (Managing Director, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Ltd)

After much thought I would like to nominate local artist W L Wyllie’s “Panorama of Trafalgar” which is on display in the Victory Gallery as my favourite item.

Wyllie painted this at the age of 79 after undertaking painstaking research to ensure that the panorama portrayed the battle as accurately as possible.  We have superb archive photographs which capture him at work. The Museum displays this splendid artwork in a particularly evocative way.  After the dark and sometimes gory Trafalgar Experience, which resonates with the sights and sounds of the battle, one is led into a brightly lit and restful place where the panorama is unveiled in its full glory. The sheer scale of it is, in itself, breathtaking - and leaves our visitors in no doubt as to the genius of Nelson - and of Wyllie too


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