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September 2008

Ship Model Display is Museum's contribution to launch of the Cultural Olympiad and celebration of Nelson's 250th birthday.


May 2008

To celebrate Museums and Galleries Month, a programme of Gallery Talks focusses on changes in the Navy in the 20th Century.

April 2008

New Special Exhibition opens

'Sea Your History: 20th Century Royal Navy' opens on Saturday 26th April and runs until further notice.

Why not read some further information on this window onto life in the Navy during a century of profound technological and social change.

Meet some of the veterans themselves during our Museums and Galleries Month talks.

January 2008

Looking ahead

2008 promises to be another busy year at the Royal Naval Museum.  Highlights will be

Special Exhibitions

'Task Force South:The Royal Navy and the Falklands War' continues until 29th February inclusive

'Chasing Freedom: The Royal Navy and the Suppression of the Transatlantic Slave Trade' continues until 27th April inclusive

'Sea Your History: Twentieth Century Royal Navy' opens on 26th April for a year


The Sea Your History website is due for completion in the summer and the full Library catalogue will be going online later in the year.


A varied programme of events and talks for all ages is being planned.  Keep an eye on Forthcoming Events.

September 2007

Cloudesley Shovell and the loss of the Association

September sees the 300th anniversary of the loss of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell's flagship, Association off the Scilly Isles, along with two other ships of the Mediterranean Fleet. Shovell and two thousand lives were lost on the 22nd October 1707 and led to the beginning of the search to measure longitude.

Our information sheet on the Admiral is available online along with details of commemorative events in the Scillies and Rochester where Shovell was an MP. Additionally, the story of the search for longitude is told in the information sheet about John Harrison, the man who invented the chronometer and solved the problem.

August 2007

Visitor survey demonstrates success of 2007 Special Exhibitions

One third of visitors in a recent survey thought that the Museum's 2007 Special Exhibitions - 'Chasing Freedom: The Royal Navy and the Suppression of the Transatlantic Slave Trade' and 'Task Force South: The Royal Navy and the Falklands War' - exceeded their expectations.  'Very good' and 'interesting' were the most commonly used words to describe the exhibitions.

VIPs and Veterans remember the Falklands 25 years on

Veterans of the Task Force, including Baroness Thatcher (Prime Minister in 1982), Admiral Sir Jonathon Band (the current First Sea Lord ) and Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach (First Sea Lord in 1982), have been among the visitors who have already been to see Task Force South, the Museum’s Falklands 25 exhibition which opened in April.  Click here for the full story.

Museum assembles impressive line-up for Abolition of Slave Trade Conference

Some of the top academics in the country, including Professor James Walvin, will be speaking at the Museum's 'Abolition 200' Conference in Ocotber.  Click here for more details.

13th July 2007

No truth in ‘HMS Friday’ story

Curators at the Museum have pulled the plug on the myth of an ill-fated HMS Friday after being asked about the story by an American newspaper. 

The story is that, to overcome sailors’ apparent reluctance to set sail on Fridays, in the 1800s, the Royal Navy commissioned an HMS Friday, launched her on a Friday, put a Captain James Friday in command – and she disappeared without trace.

The story has surfaced because of today being Friday 13th and there are dozens of references to it on the internet.

A Museum spokesperson commented that sailors certainly are superstitious - something to do with being at the mercy of such an unpredictable element as the sea and who would want to give up a weekend ashore.  But we can confirm that there has never been a Royal Navy ship named HMS Friday – or after any other day of the week for that matter.

For further information on this press release, please contact Julian Thomas on 023 9272 7567 or e-mail

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