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Here you will find a series of information sheets in PDF format for download. You can also access a number of Reading Lists for further information.

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Subject Index



William Bligh
Thomas Cochrane
John Franklin
Richard Grenville
Thomas M Hardy
John Harrison
Samuel Hood 
Roger Keyes
Samuel Pepys
Robert F Scott
James Sommerville
Arthur Tisdall VC
Thomas Ussher 
Philip Vian
W J Whitworth 
W L Wyllie 

Ships and vessels

Coastal forces in WW2 
HMS Foudroyant 
HMS Hampshire
HMS Hood 
HMS Royal George 
State barge of Charles II 
Steam Pinnace 198

General naval history

Naval rankings
Naval regulations,
“Paintwork vs. Gunnery” controversy
Royal Naval Division 
Royal Reviews of the Fleet,
Signals at sea
Spanish Armada 
Squadronal colours
Women’s Royal Naval Service
WW1 RNVR prefixes

Naval social history and customs

Bone models of men of war 
Field Gun Run
Nicknames of Portsmouth, Chatham and Devonport 
Sailor’s hornpipe 
Ship biscuits 
Trafalgar Night Dinners
Tribal Trophy 
Warship weeks

Naval battles and operations

Antarctic expeditions
D-Day (Normandy landings) 
Flamborough Head
Jutland (VC winners)
Operation Pedestal
Quiberon Bay
Sinking of the Bismarck 
Spanish Armada
War of 1812

Our collections

Enigma machine 
Genealogical sources
Naval regulations
Nelson masks 
Non naval library sources 
Women’s Royal Naval Service

Maritime history


General reference resources

Flag makers 
Genealogical sources 
Naval rankings
Naval regulations 
Non naval library sources