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As Lord Nelson left us on the 23d May his Lordship can not inform you from Gibraltar (where I hear he arrived 6 Days Ago) of some prizes Captured Since his Lordship left the Victory but to be more Correct I shall give an account of the Whole On the 21 May a Large Dutch Ship from Surinam her Cargo, Sugar, Coffee & Indigo, the Amphion in Company 25th a large French Brigg, the three Consuls, from Port au Prince bound to Nante, Stop'd by the Victory - the Hazard Sloop in Company: these two Sent to Plimouth

26th a French Brigg from cape François bound to Boulogne Sent to Gibraltar, Stop'd by the Victory, the Caroline Frigate in Company - the prizes Name is the Blonde.

28th a French Frigate Name L'Ambuscade from St Domingue - Stop'd by the Victory, the Caroline Frigate in Company. This is the Old Ambuscade taken by the French last War - Sent to Gibraltar,

29th may a French Schooner, L'amiable Agathe from St Domingue, Sent to Gibraltar; the Victory alone at the takin of the last Captn Sutton informs me that My Lord's Share will at least Come to £4000 - as for mine I must not think of it. Lord Nelson was in very good health when he left us his Lordship has behaved very kindly to me this I must humbly thank you for, as well as for Numberless favours, God reward you & bless all your Family I remain with Sincere Gratitude

Your faithfull Servant

Wm Chevailler

Victory off Gibraltar June 12th 1803

We have had contrary Winds ever Since our leaving Portsmouth, but we hope to gett in to Day.

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