Strains of War

Victory Off Barcelona 14th March 1805


At My leaving England you desired I would every now and then, inform you of My Lord's Health; All I can say, is, that considering the hardships his Lordship undergoes his health is better than could be expected, the weather has been very Stormy and, had it not been for his Astonishing Care not half of the Fleet would have a Standing Start, in All the bad weather both Night and Day that good Man was upon Deck maimed as he is, Sometime half naked under Such heavy rains as Are never Seen in England it is no wonder then if his Lordship is rather Shook and I am afraid he will not mend here for half of the Time he is deprived of the common necessaries of Life Yet he seems not to mind it but his body feels it for his Lordship is much thiner than he was, as for his Spirits they remain the Same I never saw any Alteration in them, Once the Victory took fire near the Powder Magazine the Whole of the terrified Crew rund up the riggen and at the dreadfull moment, when every Man thought it his last hour, Lord nelson was then as cool and as composed as ever I saw him before, he Ordered every Man below, to put out the fire, and Such is the confidence and respect that the Sailors have for him that every one Obeied and in twenty Minutes the fire was gott under, this from the Admirals fortitude and the readiness his Orders were Obeid, was the Victory Saved and All Souls on Board.

I have mett with many disagreeable treatments here 'tho never Once from His Lordship, but from an other quarter so much so that I begg'd to be Sent home, however I am in hope that you will believe me when I assure you that for Lord nelson I have done all you could wish; as for others I never will consider them As my Masters, if ever I return to England I have no doubt of Justifying my Conduct before you, I mean for having Asked to leave my place, for I am sure no complaints [could] have been made to you of my behaviour here. I have some hopes that My Lord will not Stay much longer here for a few months in England would soon recover his Strength

I am with the greatest respect

Sir Your Most Obedient
& Very Humble Servant Wm Chevailler

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