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Waterloo Market

Illustrated London News 1856, Volume 29, p.435

‘The houses fronting the road on both sides are generally occupied by native artisans and venders of various commodities, chiefly of European manufacture amongst which crockery, linen drapery and haberdashery claim particular notice in comparison with the charms of two or three “grog shops” licensed by the Government “to sell rum and tobacco”.

‘A market place is to be found in all principal villages in the colony, although that of Freetown is by far the largest and the most resorted to by the natives…Waterloo Market is upwards of 100 feet in length, 30 feet in breadth, composed of 3 rows of heavy ‘hardwood’ posts supporting a thatched roof and affording a commodious area well sheltered from the sun or rain.’

(Reports from Sierra Leone published in ILN, 1856).