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Sunny South and HMS Brisk, East Coast of Africa

Illustrated London News, 1860, vol.37, p.527

Captured on 10 August, 1860 by the British crew of the sloop HMS Brisk in the Mozambique Channel with more than 800 slaves aboard. Sunny South was condemned as a prize and sold to the Royal Navy to be used as a sloop. She was renamed Enchantress but was wrecked in the Mozambique Channel  on 20 February 1861 before being commissioned in the Royal Navy.

Nine years later HMS Brisk was in British waters without a commission when the Admiralty found her a role in a history altering experiment.  In April 1870 the first mid-cable channel came into service. It ran from a tiny office in a butcher’s market in Porthcurno, Cornwall to its new floating telegraph station, HMS Brisk.