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Slave barracoon

Illustrated London News, April 14, 1849. Vol.14, p.237

‘The boats of the Penelope continued their route 12 miles farther up the Solyman branch of the river (Gallinas) and there destroyed two large barracoons and a slave vessel building, meeting with little opposition on the east side, where stockade was good and four small iron guns were lying dismounted.'

'...a barracoon at the back of one of the factories in the creek; here flogging is an hourly occupation, and the sufferers frequently expire under the the lash. The slaves are chained by the neck and legs; and except when marched from one barracoon to another, on chance of shipment, they no no change for a year or two.'

For more details on this raid see also W.E.F Ward The Royal Navy and the Slavers, London:George Allen & Unwin, 1969, pp.182-85).

This was the residence and factory of Don Jose Louis, a Spanish dealer. The image depicts a barracoon with a thatched roof; captured slaves inside and guards outside. Several people are being whipped.

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