Royal Naval Museum


Slave shackles, Illustrated London News 1845, Vol. 7, p.202

'Raised from the Missouri United States steamer'.

'Dead men tell no tales, at least they did not before the days of Herapath, but foundered vessels are not so safe. The wreck and cargo of the Missouri are in the hands of the divers. Day after day they are bringing up, doubtless, much that a British sailor will easily divine, by the analogy of civilised navigation and warfare. But what does he imagine the divers are bringing up in great quantities?

Slave shackles, of every strength and size, for men and women, old and young. A correspondence of doubtless authority has sent us 3 specimens, a family group, for father, mother and child. They are such as used in the slave trade and are own brothers, as we can swear to to those found on board vessels engaged in the traffic.'

(Report published in ILN, 1845.)