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June 1982

The Times, 4 June 1982

8 HMS Plymouth hit by 4 bombs but none explode. The landing ships RFA Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram are bombed at Fitzroy while the Welsh Guards are waiting to disembark. Landing craft Foxtrot-4 sunk, six men die.

The News, 8 June 1982

11 Battle for Stanley begins on Mount Longdon, Mount Harriet and Two Sisters.

12 3 Para capture Mount Longdon, 42 Commando Capture Mount Harriet and 45 Commando capture Two Sisters.

The Times, 12 June 1982

14 By daylight Argentinian troops are fleeing in disarray, by mid-morning white flags are flying, and by noon the British have marched to the outskirts of Stanley. General Mario Menendez surrenders to Major General Jeremy Moore at 9pm.

The News, 17 June 1982

17 General Galtieri resigns.

Tne Sunday Times, 20 June 1982

20 British forces land on Southern Thule (South Sandwich Islands) – Argentinians surrender without a fight. Britain formally declares an end to hostilities. 200 mile exclusion zone replaced by a Falkland Islands Protection Zone of 150 miles.

22 Retired Army General Reynaldo Bigone replaces Galtieri as President of Argentina. Argentinian army assumes full power, the Navy and Air Force withdrawing from the Junta.

The Times, 22 June 1982

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