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May 1982

1 First British attacks, initial SAS (Special Armed Services) and SBS (Special Boat Services) landings on the Islands.  First Vulcan bomber raid on Stanley airport.

Sea Harrier attack Stanley airport and Goose Green.  Three Argentinian aircraft are shot down. Naval bombardment of Stanley begins. 114 inhabitants of Goose Green are imprisoned in the settlement’s Recreation Club for the next 4 weeks.

The News, 1 May 1982

2 Argentinian cruiser General Belgrano sunk 30 miles outside exclusion zone by submarine HMS Conqueror on orders of War Cabinet who claim self-defence. 368 Argentinian sailors die.  UN and Peru both try to initiate peace talks.

The Times, 2 May 1982

4 British Type 42 destroyer, HMS Sheffield hit by Exocet missile and subsequently sinks. 20 British sailors lose their lives. First British Sea Harrier piloted by Lt Nick Taylor is shot down over Goose Green. British forces begin bombarding Argentine positions around Stanley.

The Express, 4 May 1982

14 Margaret Thatcher warns Britain that a peaceful settlement may not be possible. SAS attack the Argentinian base on Pebble Island and destroy supplies and 11 Pucara aircraft.  3 Argentinian Skyhawk aircraft are shot down by sea harriers.

The News, 14 May 1982

The Times, 20 May 1982

21 Beachhead established at San Carlos in ‘Operation Sutton’. HMS Ardent sunk.

HMS Argonaut and HMS Antrim damaged in air attack.  Fifteen Argentinian aircraft shot down.

The News, 21 May 1982

23 HMS Antelope hit by an Argentinian bomb which fails to explode. The following day, a bomb disposal officer attempts to defuse the bomb but it explodes and HMS Antelope sinks.

The News, 25 May 1982

25 HMS Coventry sunk by air attack and container ship Atlantic Conveyor is abandoned when hit by an Exocet missile.

28 2 Para assault Argentinian positions at Goose Green.

The Times, 28 May 1982

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