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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where and when did Nelson lose the sight of his right eye?

    Answer At the Seige of Calvi in Corsica 10th July 1794

  2. Where and when did Nelson lose his right arm?

    Answer Santa Cruz (Tenerife) 24th July 1797

  3. Where is Trafalgar?

    Answer Off the south west coast of Spain between Cadiz and Gibraltar.

  4. When did Nelson Die?

    Answer 21st October 1805 (aged 47) at the Battle of Trafalgar

  5. When did the Rum Rations stop? (Splice the Mainbrace)

    Answer 1970

  6. What are the Figureheads made of?

    Answer Deal (which is Fir or Pine timber).

  7. When did the Press Gangs Stop?

    Answer It was last employed in Britain during the the Napoleonic Wars 1805-1815, although the right to operate a press is still retained.

  8. When was the last time HMS Victory was afloat?

    Answer 1922, when she was brought into dry dock. Up until then, she lay in Portsmouth Harbour

  9. Where do the floorboards come from in The Sailing Navy Gallery?

    Answer Some of the floorboards date back to 1763 and originate from captured French Ships.

  10. Where did the nickname 'The Andrew' come from?

    Answer There is a common theory that it is called after Lieutenant Andrew Miller, who was an allegedly successful Press Gang Officer in the eighteenth century. However, no factual evidence of his existence has yet been found. A lesser known theory is that St Andrew, as well as being patron saint of Scotland, is also known as the protector of sailors and thus the Navy was referred to as 'The Andrew'.

    The White Ensign

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Created on the 1 August 1999
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