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Conferences and Lectures

The Royal Naval Museum has a well established programme of seminars and conferences.  We are currently planning a programme of exciting events for 2008 but details of past events can be found below:

Chasing Freedom: Abolition 200 Conference

To mark the beginning of Black History Month 2007 and the final offering in the exciting programme of 'Chasing Freedom' events, on 6th October the RNM hosted the Chasing Freedom: Abolition 200 Conference. This one-day academic conference offered visitors the opportunity to hear lectures by top historians (and one sociologist) from seven leading UK universities. 

Ranging from 'Policing the Seas' and 'The Slow death of the Brazilian Slave Trade' to 'Caribbean Children in the Disapora' and 'The Meaning of Freedom', conference topics illustrated the diversity of studies on slavery, abolition and ongoing attempts to understand the legacies of the transatlantic slave trade.

Did you miss the conference?

Why not download some of the conference papers kindly given to us by the speakers?

Download 'The Slow Death of Brazilian Slavery' given by Professor Dick Geary, University of Nottingham

Download 'Slavery and Abolition in the Atlantic World' given by Dr John Oldfield, University of Southampton

Download "The Most Disagreeable Service": The West Coast of Africa Station' given by Jenny Wraight of Portsmouth's Naval Historical Branch.

Download 'The Meaning of Freedom' by Dr Richard Follett, University of Sussex

Professor Walvin gives the keynotes speech at the Chasing Freedom Conference

Professor James Walvin, Professor Emeritus, University of York, provides a keynote speech to begin the day's discussions.