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Boats of the Royal Naval Museum

The Royal Naval Museum has two late 19th Century and early 20th Century boats from its collection currently afloat. These are the 50ft Steam Pinnace No 199 with its Hotchkiss gun and a 30ft Sailing Gig.

Steam Pinnace 199 was built in 1911 and is the last remaining naval steam picket boat. She has been restored to full working condition in her original role as a naval picket boat and is a designated vessel on the UK National Historic Vessel Register.

With an overall length of 50ft and a beam of just under 10 ft, she is typical of a common design of vessels from 35ft to 56ft long and is still driven by steam machinery typical of the period.

Pinnace 199 is maintained and operated by a group of volunteers from the Society of Friends of the Royal Naval Museum and can be seen steaming in the Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent in the summer months. Her programme includes appearances at a number of events in the area where she can be seen steaming or alongside where visitors are welcome to take a closer look at this historic vessel.

For further information on these vessels*, please contact us at:

*Please note that the Boats team can only respond to questions about the Pinnace and the Gig and how you can help them to preserve and display them. They are not able to answer any other enquiries. All other enquiries should be directed to the Museum staff at the Historical/Collections contact address.

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