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Recent acquisitions

The Museum adds approximately 100 new ‘accessions’ to its collections every year.  An ‘accession’ can be as small as a single photograph or document, or as large as a uniform collection with 1000s of separate items.  Resources are limited so each decision to acquire material is carefully considered.  A range of issues including the condition of an item, available storage space and copyright are taken into account, along with the Museum’s collecting policy and immediate collecting strategy.

Highlights accessioned since July 2007

•  Lifejacket worn by PO SA William Hearn when torpedoed by U38 on 7th Aug 1940. SS Mohamed Ali El-Kebir troop transport

• Sword handed down through three generations and blade inscribed with dates and owners

• Two Childrens sailor suits worn by Simon and Paul Dickinson c. 1939 aged 4.5 and 3, with copy photograph

• China Medal awarded to E S Radcliffe for the Boxer Rebellion inscribed HMS Goliath 1900

• Photo Album from HMS Duke of York 1945-1946. Scenes on board, Japanese Surrender, Hiroshima etc. Plus menus, Xmas cards etc from 1945. From career of Roy Brown

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