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HMS Victory - Nelson's Flagship


1759 – Keel laid down in old single dock, Chatham 23 July.

1765 – Launched 7 May. Dimensions: 186’ x 52’. Lay in ordinary at Chatham.

1778 -  Commissioned in May. Flagship of Admiral Keppel in action with d’Orvilliers off Ushant.

1779 – Flagship of Vice Admiral Sir Charles Hardy.

1780 – Flagship of Admiral Geary and then Admiral Drake

1781 - Flagship of Vice Admiral Hyde Parker and Rear Admiral Kempenfelt. Capture of  French convoy off Ushant.

1783 -  Paid off at Portsmouth.

1790 -  Flagship of Lord Howe and Lord Hood

1793 -  Present at the reduction of Toulon.

1794 - Present at sieges of Calvi and Bastia.

1795 - Flagship of Rear Admiral Man, Vice Admiral Linzee and Admiral Sir John Jervis.

1797- Battle of Cape St Vincent, nearly wrecked in Lagos Bay. Blockade of Cadiz. Paid  off and struck from Navy List.

1798 – 99 – Hospital ship for prisoners of war.

1801 – Underwent large refit.

1803 – 05 - Flagship of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson. Blockades of Toulon and Cadiz.   

1805 - Battle of Trafalgar.

1808 -    Flag of Admiral Saumarez. Operations in Baltic.

1809 -    Brought home part of Sir John Moore’s army from Corunna.

1811 - Flag of Rear Admiral Sir Joseph Yorke.

1813-16 – Rebuilt. Brass tablet “Here Nelson Fell” added to quarterdeck.

1816-24 – In ordinary at Portsmouth.

1824-69 – Flagship of Port Admiral, Portsmouth.

1869-88 – Tender to HMS Duke of Wellington.

1888 - Refit.

1889 – present day – Flagship of Commander in Chief, Portsmouth (now 2nd Sea Lord)

1903 - Rammed by HMS Neptune and docked to prevent sinking. After repair, returned to harbour mooring.

1905 - Saluting ship “In Company” with St Vincent as boys training ship.

1922 – Berthed in No 2 Dock. “Save the Victory” launched for her restoration and preservation to her Trafalgar condition.

1928 - Restoration completed. Inspection by HM King George V.

1940 - Damaged by German bomb.

1945 - Floodlit for VJ day.

1946 - Personal standard of HRH Princess Elizabeth broken at the main.

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