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There are four galleries at the Royal Naval Museum. A small description what they contain is below. Please note exhibitions and displays change from time to time.

Victory Gallery

This exhibition tells the whole story of HMS Victory. Using a mixture of hands-on and computer interactives, visitors can get to know more about the Victory's crew and the different skills needed. Try your hand at tying knots like Ordinary Seaman George Aunger or practice using a block and tackle like Mr Bunce, the Carpenter. Find out how many of Victory's crew were French and, lastly, listen to the shipwrights talk about their work restoring this special ship.

Not sure of when the Battle of Trafalgar happened, who was involved or why? Trafalgar! the multimedia walk-through experience allows visitors to listen to Napoleon and Nelson explain their tactics, walk onto the gun deck of the Victory during the height of battle and witness the tragic death of Admiral Lord Nelson.
Please see our advisory note for this experience.

Sailing Navy Gallery

How many pints of beer were sailors allowed to drink a week, how do you use a cutlass and what is a broadside? This exhibition examines the lives of ordinary sailors during the eighteenth century; what they ate and drank, how they fought and what did they wear? Discover more about Captain James Cook and the cure for scurvy and exploration in the 1700s.

Nelson: the Hero and the Man

The Royal Naval Museum has an excellent collection of Nelson memorabilia. Using this collection and personal items belonging to both Nelson and Emma Hamilton, the exhibition focuses on the private life and the public persona of Admiral Lord Nelson.

There is a special video for children introducing Nelson through three of his famous portraits. They are invited to become detectives and decide if Nelson is really a hero. Also, there is a special 'hands-on' unit in the gallery for Early Years/KS 1 containing four different activities all relating to Nelson

Twentieth Century Gallery

This exhibition examines the role of the Royal Navy in the 20th century; a century of war from Gallipoli to the Gulf. Cases may change from time to time for exhibitions on topical subjects such as war anniversaries eg.Falklands

Also special exhibitions are held from time to time.

Our workshops are based on the galleries and exhibitions. Please see our programme for further details.

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