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The Museum galleries and archives provide an excellent resource to support coursework and individual research. In addition the Museum also offers the following programmes:


Target group: AQA GCSE History A, B & C, Edexel GCSE History A, B & C, OCR GCSE History B & C, AQA, Edexel & OCR AS/A level History, University Students

Length of session: Half Day

Incorporating behind the scenes tours, gallery visits and focused activities these tailor-made sessions provide secondary and further education students with a unique opportunity to access the Royal Naval Museum archives and examine primary sources relevant to their course of study. Topics available include: Maritime exploration & the development of England; Nelson, Napoleon & Trafalgar; the Royal Navy & the Transatlantic Slave Trade; World War I: blockades, Jutland & the Gallipoli campaign; World War II: the battle of the Atlantic, Dunkirk, D-Day & the Forgotten Fleet; Wartime propaganda; Women and their changing role in the Navy; History around us: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

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Target group: AQA & Edexel GCSE, GNVQ & AVCE Leisure, Travel & Tourism, OCR GNVQ & AVCE Leisure & Tourism

Length of session: 2 hrs

In this activity-based session students learn about the Museum as a visitor and heritage attraction. In groups they investigate target audiences, marketing and evaluation materials, go on a tour of the galleries, conduct a SWOT analysis and produce a piece of promotional material customised for a specific audience.

Please note this workshop can also be combined with a choice of presentations on either 'Marketing the Museum' and 'Customer Care'.

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