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Indian Mutiny 1857-1858

An uprising against the East India Company by the Sepoys, local natives employed in the Company’s Bengal Army following the introduction of the Enfield Rifle cartridge, whose end needed to be bitten off. As it was covered in an undisclosed animal fat, Hindus and Muslims refused to use them on religious grounds. This led to a revolt starting in Meerut with the killing of British forces and spread among the country as others followed. Major events took place at Cawnpore where British women and children were massacred and Lucknow was besieged. The Navy were involved by sending naval brigades from HMSs Shannon and Pearl.

A small display of personal accounts from the manuscript and library collections is showing in the Library Reading Room.

Zeebrugge and Ostend Raid 1918

The 90th anniversary of this famous raid which ended with the award of 11 VCs.

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