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Veterans and VIPs visit Falklands Exhibition

'Task Force South: The Royal Navy and The Falklands War', the special exhibition to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1982 conflict, has attracted some high profile visitors.

At the beginning of April, veterans from some 25 of the Task Force’s ships attended a special preview.  Led by the Task Force Commander, Admiral Sir ‘Sandy’ Woodward, they included all ranks and representatives of the Submarine Service, the QARNNS and the Merchant Fleet.

Veterans of the Falklands Task Force outside the Museum's exhibition

On 23rd April, First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band formally opened the exhibition.  In 1982, he had served as Flag Officer to Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse, the Commander in Chief Fleet.  Accompanying Sir Jonathon was Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry  Leach.  Sir Henry had been First Sea Lord in 1982 and his words of encouragement to Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher – ‘We can recover the islands – and we must’ – are quoted at the beginning of the exhibition.

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band and Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach at the formal opening of the Task Force South Exhibition

And the recipient of those stirring words, now Baroness Thatcher, perhaps the most senior Falklands veteran, also paid a visit in early June.  As might be expected, she took a detailed interest in the displays and particularly enjoyed listening to the recordings of the experiences of other veterans.

Baroness Thatcher at the Task Force South Exhibition


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