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HMS Ark Royal

The following are a small selection of titles available in the Royal Naval Museum Library.

•  APPS, M.  The four Ark Royals  London: William Kimber, 1976  ISBN 071830344X

•  Ark Royal: a flagship for the 21st century  {S.l}: HMS Ark Royal, 2001 (with CD virtual tour of ship)

•  BEAVER, P.  Ark Royal: a pictorial history of the Royal Navy’s last conventional aircraft carrier  Cambridge: Patrick Stephens, 1979 ISBN 0850593816

• JAMESON, W.  Ark Royal 1939 –1941  London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1957

• JOHNSTONE-BRYDEN, R.  Britain’s greatest warship: HMS Ark Royal IV  Stroud: Sutton, 1999  ISBN 0750917989

McCART, N.   Three Ark Royals 1938-1999  Cheltenham: Fan Publications, 1999 ISBN 190122502X

• RUSSELL, H. & PURSEY, H.  Ark Royal: the story of a famous ship  London: Bodley Head, 1942

• SMITH, D. & WYNN, A. HMS Ark Royal: the ship and her men.  Liskeard: Maritime Books, 1988  ISBN 0907771394

These books may be stocked by your local public library or may be made available through the inter-library lending service. Please enquire at your local branch.

If you wish to find out more about the collections and materials held in the Royal Naval Museum Library see the library web pages .

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