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Coastal Forces

The following are a small selection of titles available in the Royal Naval Museum Library to complement our information sheet on the subject.

ARMSTRONG, W.   HM Small Ships   London: Frederick Muller, 1958         

• BROWN, D. K. Design and construction of British warships 1939-1945: Volume II: submarines, escorts and coastal forces London: Conway Maritime Press, c1995 ISBN 0851776744

• COCKER, M. P. Coastal forces of the Royal Navy from 1865  Stroud: Tempus, 2006  ISBN 075243862X

• JEFFERSON, D.  Coastal forces at war: Royal Navy “little ships” in World War Two  Sparkford: Patrick Stephens, 1996 ISBN 1852604999

• LAMBERT, J.  Allied coastal forces of World War Two (2 vols) London: Conway Maritime Press, c.1990 Vol. I - ISBN: 0851775195 Vol. II  - ISBN: 0851776027

• LAMBERT, J.  Fairmile D motor torpedo boat  London: Conway Maritime Press, 1985 (Anatomy of a ship series) ISBN 0851773214

• PALOCZI-HORVATH, G.  From monitor to missile boat: coast defence ship and coastal defence since 1860   London: Conway Maritime Press, 1996   ISBN 0851776507

PICKLES, H.   Untold stories of small boats at war: coastal forces veterans remember Edinburgh: Pentland, 1994   ISBN 185821176X

• POPE, D.  Flag 4: the battle of the coastal forces in the Mediterranean   London: William Kimber, 1954 (Currently available in paperback reprint)

• SCOTT, P.  Battle of the narrow seas: a history of the light coastal forces in the Channel and North Sea 1939-45   London: Country Life, 1945

• TENT, J. F. E-boat alert: defending the Normandy invasion fleet  Shrewsbury: Airlife, 1996  ISBN 1853107921

These books may be stocked by your local public library or may be made available through the inter-library lending service. Please enquire at your local branch.

If you wish to find out more about the collections and materials held in the Royal Naval Museum Library see the library web pages .

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