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The following are a small selection of titles on this subject.

•   CARAUNA, A.  A history of English sea ordnance 1523-1875 (2 vols) Rotherfield: Jean Boudriot, 1996-7

•  HENRY, C.  Napoleonic naval armaments 1792 - 1815. Oxford: Osprey, 2004  ISBN 1841766356

•   HODGES, P.  The big gun: battleship armament 1860-1945  London: Conway Maritime Press, 1981  ISBN 0851771440

•  HOGG, I. and BATCHELOR, J.  Naval gun.  Poole: Blandford Press, 1978. ISBN 0713709057

•   LAVERY, B.  The arming and fitting of English ships of war 1600-1815  London: Conway Maritime Press, 1987  ISBN 0851774512

•   PADFIELD, P.  Guns at sea.  London: Hugh Evelyn, 1973. ISBN: 0238789454

•   SMITH, R. (ed.)  British naval armaments. (Royal Armouries conference proceedings, no.1)  London: Trustees of the Royal Armouries, 1989 ISBN: 0948092114

These books may be stocked by your local public library or may be made available through the inter-library lending service. Please enquire at your local branch.

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