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Research FAQs

1. I’m looking for my relative’s service record. Will the library have it?
2. Why do I need to make an appointment to the library?
3. Can I get into the library if I am visiting the Museum for the day only?
4. Is there a charge to visit the Library?
5. What sort of information does the library hold on ships?
6. Can I photocopy information that I find?
7. What facilities for disabled people are there?

8. Are the catalogues available online?

1. No, the Museum does not hold any type of naval service record in the collections. Click here to see where you can obtain information about them from.

2. The library reading room is situated behind the main museum buildings and is inside the Naval Base. Therefore, in order to gain access, we need to inform the Base Security staff as who is coming through to the library.

3. Yes, please ask at the main Museum reception desk by the Nelson and Sailing Navy Gallery. They will contact the library staff so that we can advise whether we have the information you are looking for and give you a form to get a pass from the Base Security staff in order to come to the library building behind.

4. There is no charge to visit the library. If you are not intending to visit any of the attractions, please proceed through the main Visitor Centre at Victory Gate and say you are coming to the library only.

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5. We do not hold ship logs. Click here for information on where to obtain these. However, we do hold a wide variety of published and secondary manuscript material on many ships. We may be able to provide a brief service information sheet from our specially compiled ship information database. Please contact us to find out if we have the ship you are looking for

6. You can photocopy information from our sources, providing that it is within current copyright limits and the material is in a good condition. The Library staff reserve the right to prohibit copying on grounds of preservation. There is a charge of 30p per A4sheet/50p per A3 sheet for photocopies.

7. All facilities within the library are on ground level. There is a disabled toilet. However, although we can arrange for people with a physical impairment to drive into the naval base, there is no guaranteed parking within the vicinity of the library itself. Parking would be near to the museum buildings and other means of access to the library would need to be arranged (ie. wheelchair etc.) Please contact the staff to discuss these arrangements at least 72 hours in advance of your visit.

8. The manuscript catalogue is available online via our Research Online section. We regret that the library catalogue is not currently available online.

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