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Reading Lists

These reading lists are to provide details of books where you can find more information on the subjects given.

Titles of reading lists in bold are available online. However if you would like a copy of one of our reading lists not currently available online, please contact us and we would be happy to forward the information to you.

Reading lists marked with a * have a corresponding information sheet. Please refer to the information sheet index for further information.

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Naval Battles & Ops

Naval Social History

Naval History (General)

Maritime History


George Anson *

David Beatty *

William Bligh *

John Byng *

Thomas Cochrane *

Cuthbert Colllingwood *

James Cook *

Andrew Cunningham *

Adam Duncan *

John Fisher *

Sir William Hamilton and Emma, Lady Hamilton

Samuel Hood *

John Jervis *

Roger Keyes *

Louis Mountbatten *

Horatio Nelson *

Samuel Pepys

George Rodney *

Robert F Scott *

Edward Vernon *

Agnes Weston *

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HMS Ark Royal

Bismarck *

HMS Bounty *

HMS Hood *

Mary Rose *

HMS Pandora

HMS Prince of Wales *


HMS Repulse *

HMS Royal Oak

Royal Yachts

Tirpitz *

HMS Warrior 1860 *

HMS Victory *

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Naval Battles and Operations

Chase and sinking of the Bismarck *

D-Day (Normandy landings) *

Falklands conflict 1982

Jutland 1916

Malta convoys *

Nelson's battles (other than Trafalgar)


Russian (Arctic) convoys

Spanish Armada


War of 1812 *

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 Naval Social History

1797 mutinies Spithead and the Nore

Boy Seamen

Fleet Reviews *

Impressment *

Invergordon mutiny

Medicine and health in the Navy

Ship figureheads *

Women on sea and land

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Naval History (General)

Coastal forces *

Crimean War

Enigma machine and naval intelligence *

Naval brigades *

Naval gunnery

Naval history *

Naval signalling *

Royal Naval Division *

UK hydrographic surveying

Uniforms, badges and insignia

Victoria Cross winners *

Women's Royal Naval Service *

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Maritime History

Piracy *

Slavery *

Transportation of convicts to Australia

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