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Please find below a current listing of information sheets which have been produced by the Royal Naval Museum Library.

Please note: that the information provided within these sheets are correct as far as we are able to ascertain from our sources. They are not intended to be an exhaustive or complete history of the subject. Items not in bold are awaiting revision and are not currently online. Please click here to ask for a copy of these items.

Where possible, a further reading list has been produced to correspond with the following information sheets. Please refer to the Reading Lists index for further information or use the link at the end of the information sheet.

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Ships and vessels
General naval history

Naval social history and customs
Naval battles and operations
Royal Naval Museum collections
Maritime history
General reference resources

George Anson

Harold Auten VC

John Benbow

William Bligh

John Byng

John Bythesea VC

Thomas Cochrane

James Cook

Cuthbert Collingwood

John Cornwell VC

Andrew Cunningham

Adam Duncan

Eugene Esmonde VC

Edward Fegen VC

John Fisher

John Franklin

Richard Grenville

Thomas M Hardy

John Harrison

Samuel Hood

James Inman

Henry Jackson

John Jellicoe

John Jervis

Loftus Jones VC

Augustus Keppel

Roger Keyes

Michael le Fanu

Louis Mountbatten

Charles Napier

Horatio Nelson

Lawrence Oates

Hugh Palliser

John Pasco

Samuel Pepys

Henry Raby VC

George Rodney

Robert F Scott

Ernest Shackleton

Cloudesley Shovell

James Somerville

John Tovey

Thomas Ussher

Philip Vian

Edward Vernon

Agnes Weston

W J Whitworth

Arthur Wilson VC

W L Wyllie

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Ships and vessels


HMS Hampshire

HMS Bounty

HMS Hood



Mary Rose

HMS Warrior (1860)

Coastal forces in WW2

HMS Pickle

HMS Victory

HMS Foudroyant

HMS Royal George


Charles II State Barge

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General naval history

Brief history of the Royal Navy

Signals at sea

Dockyard battalions

Navy League

Paintwork vs Gunnery controversy

Squadronal colours

Naval brigades

Royal Naval Division

Women's Royal Naval Service

Naval gunnery

Royal Reviews of the Fleet

WW1 RNVR prefixes

Naval rankings

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Naval social history and


Bone models of men of war

Loyal toast

Trafalgar Night Dinners

Field Gun Run

Nicknames of Portsmouth, Chatham and Devonport

Tribal Trophy


Sailor's hornpipe

Warship weeks


Ship biscuits

Punishment in the Navy

Gun salutes

Solent Forts

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Naval battles and operations

Antarctic expeditions

D-Day (Normandy landings)

Operation Pedestal

Flamborough Head

Spanish Armada

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RNM Collections

Bone models of men of war

Genealogical sources

General historical sources

Enigma machine

Naval regulations

Nelson masks

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Maritime history



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General reference resources

Flag makers

Model ship suppliers

Lord Nelson's prayer

Naval booksellers

Medal dealers

Naval crest suppliers

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