Royal Naval Museum




How You Can Help Us Secure the Future of Our Naval Heritage

In a country increasingly separated from its maritime roots, it falls to institutions such as the Royal Naval Museum to make the public aware of the central place of the sea - and therefore also of the Royal Navy - in our heritage, culture and future well-being. Changes in the Service itself mean that the Museum will come to play an increasingly important role as a physical repository of its heritage and ethos. And, last, but by no means least, with the passage of time taking its inevitable toll on the veterans of the great operations of the Twentieth Century, so the Museum has an even greater responsibility to preserve and tell their story for the benefit of future generations.

It is against this background that the Museum welcomes support from individuals, companies, trusts and other organisations who share our commitment to telling the remarkable story of the Senior Service. We explain below why your help is so important and how you can best give it and the benefits this will bring.

A Partnership for Progress
A partnership with the public has been at the heart of the growth of the Royal Naval Museum over the past 30 years. This has seen the donation of major collections - most notably the McCarthy Collection of Nelson memorabilia, which led to the founding of the Museum in its current guise in 1972 - as well as very generous support for fundraising initiatives in recent years.

First and foremost amongst the latter was, of course, the campaign to raise £5.3 million (including a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £2.8 million) to fund Phase I of the Museum’s capital Development Plan, which successfully created the new storage and staff facilities on the upper floors of Storehouse No 11 and the new exhibitions on Nelson, the Sailing Navy, Victory and Trafalgar.

Other recent projects have included

• the 3-year appointment of an Education Officer
• the acquisition and conservation of the Wright & Logan Photographic Collection
• short-term appointments to help with the all-important work of cataloguing collections
• the Adopt-a-Book Appeal for the conservation of the Museum’s set of the London Gazettes

Invaluable financial and moral support has consistently been given to the Museum over the past 30 years by the Friends of the Museum and HMS Victory.