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How Can You Help?

How You Can Help Us Secure the Future of Our Naval Heritage

Recognition of Donors
The names of all donors will be recorded in the Benefactors’ Book, and all donors giving £20 or more will be sent copies of Alongside, the Museum’s Yearbook, and Scuttlebutt, our newsletter.

In addition, with the generous agreement of the Friends of the Museum and HMS Victory,

* donors giving £100 or more as a single donation will be eligible for 2-year membership of the Friends


* donors giving £5 per month for 4 years (or £240 as a single donation) will be eligible for 4-year membership of the Friends. You will also be invited to regular Open Days at the Museum.

For the benefits of Friends’ membership, please click here.

Give by Gift Aid and add to the value of your donation at no extra cost
Donors who pay income tax in the United Kingdom are encouraged to complete a Gift Aid form. This will enable the Museum to reclaim tax on the donations, adding nearly one third to every donation made in this way at no extra cost to the donor. Higher-rate taxpayers can also claim a personal tax rebate by giving under Gift Aid: please contact the Development Manager for further details.

Help in the Future: a regular gift by Banker’s Order
Agreeing to make a donation over 4 years - either monthly, quarterly or annually - will greatly assist the Museum in its future planning, particularly for projects which it may find difficult to fund from other sources.

The following tables show how Gift Aid adds nearly one third to the value of your gift.

Monthly donations over 4 years

You give each month The Museum reclaims basic-rate income tax worth each year Your gift is worth over 4 years Annual cost to higher-rate taxpayers
£ 5 per month £16.92 £307.68 £46.15
£ 10 per month
£615.40 £92.31
£ 20 per month £67.70 £1,230.80 £184.62

Single gift

You give The Museum reclaims basic-rate tax worth Your gift is worth Final cost to higher-rate taxpayers
£ 100 £28.21 £128.21 £38.47
£ 240 £67.70 £307.70 £184.62
£ 500 £141.03 £641.03 £384.62

(calculated with income tax at a basic rate of 22% and a higher rate of 40%)

Gifts of Shares
Gifts of shares in quoted companies are not only free of capital gains tax, but they can also be set against the donor’s tax liability. Please contact the Development Office for further details.

A legacy is a very effective way of planning a gift while ensuring that your dependents are provided for. Please contact the Development Office for further details.

Please make cheques payable to The Royal Naval Museum.

Donations from overseas.
Donors from outside the United Kingdom are encouraged to make donations in sterling.

For further information
Please contact

Julian Thomas
Development Manager
The Royal Naval Museum
HM Naval Base (PP 66)

Tel: 023 9272 7567

Fax: 023 9272 7575

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