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Our Needs

Looking ahead, the Museum will continue to need – and welcome – further support if we are properly to satisfy the wishes of our visitors and the needs of our collections. 

In the short term, there are two specific areas in which support is being sought.

Commemorating anniversaries in 2007

2007 marks two important anniversaries in Naval history: first, the Bicentenary of the Parliamentary Abolition of Transatlantic Slavery in 1807 and, second, the 25th anniversary of the Falklands Campaign in 1982.

Chasing Freedom – the Royal Navy and the Abolition of Transatlantic Slavery (1807 – 2007)

2007 marks the Bicentenary of the parliamentary abolition of the slave trade.  The Royal Navy played a significant role in the suppression of the slave trade following its abolition: the West Africa Squadron was established in 1808 and by 1865 nearly 150,000 people had been freed as a result of its anti-slavery operations.

Drawing upon unique diary accounts, official Naval documents, images and artefacts from the museum collections, the Chasing Freedom project aims to mark this role with

  • a year long, landmark exhibition to run from 31st January 2007 until 31st December 2007 
  • accompanying education programme, aimed at Secondary School children, but also including a conference and community based events and activities 

The project will also highlight the continued role of the Royal Navy in combating people trafficking and piracy and defending human rights in today’s world.

The Cost

The total cost of ‘Chasing Freedom’ will be £80,500.

Support is being sought to meet the following costs

  • Project Researcher (part-time post) - £5,000
  • Exhibition - £69,300
  • Education and Community activities (total) £8,000 comprising:
    • Schools’ workshop - £1,000
    • Teachers’ Packs - £1,000
    • Teacher training- £500
    • Africa Week community programme - £5,000

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Falklands 25 – commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Falklands Campaign (1982-2007)

In a similar vein, the Museum plans to mark this important modern anniversary as follows

  • an exhibition running from the end of March 2007 until the end of February 2008.  This will focus primarily on the Royal Navy’s surface fleet in the Falklands War.  The RN’s role will be revealed by presenting the very different individual experiences that made up the Navy’s involvement as a whole.  The exhibition will look at the different legacies of the conflict, and offer an opportunity for visitors, from all audiences, to record and share what the War means to them in 2007
  • a conference and events for Veterans
  • a publication Voices from the Falklands

The cost

The cost of the exhibition and related activities will be £66,000.  This comprises:

  • the exhibition - £60,000
  • the conference and veterans events - £4,000 (pump-priming)
  • the publication - £2,000 (pump-priming)

Recognition of Donors

There are many opportunities for the names of donors who support either or both of these projects to be acknowledged.

For further information, please contact

Julian Thomas

Development Manager

Royal Naval Museum, HM Naval Base (PP66), Portsmouth PO1 3NH

Tel: 023 9272 7567

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