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1. How accessible is the museum?
2. Where can I park?
3. What facilities are there for refreshments?
4. Can I use my camera in the museum?
5. If I only want to visit the Museum, do I have to buy the all-attraction ticket?
6. Will my ticket allow entry to HMS Victory?
7. What activities are there for children?
8. How can I find out about special events at the Museum?
9. Where do the floorboards in the Sailing Navy gallery come from?

10. How can I contact the Museum?

FAQs about the Galleries

We have an FAQs section for each of the permanent galleries of the Museum. Why not check them out to see if your question can be answered. Click on the appropriate gallery page link on the left.

1. All the Museum buildings are fully accessible to physically impaired visitors. Seating around the galleries is provided. Wheelchairs can be obtained from the Historic Dockyard Visitor Centre. For more information on our facilities, please see our facilities page.

2. Regretably, visitors are not able to park within the Historic Dockyard. A 500 space car park for the Historic Dockyard is situated in Queen Street, a two minute walk from the main entrance. Follow brown tourist signs for the Historic Ships from the M275

3. There are various facilities within the Historic Dockyard and outside on the Hard. Inside there is Boathouse 7 in which a range of sandwiches and pub food can be purchased. There are two coffee shops within the site (Costa Coffee at the Visitor Centre and Mezzanine Café in Action Stations) Outside on the Hard there is a range of tradition pubs, fish and chips and a chinese restaurant. Two minutes along from the main entrance is Gunwharf Quays with a wide variety of food and restaurant outlets as well as shops.

4. No professional photography of any sort is allowed in the Museum galleries without the permission from the curatoral staff. Photography for personal reference is allowed but, to help preserve the collections on display, we ask visitors not to use flash photography. High quality reproductions of key items from the exhibitions are available as postcards and prints from the Museum's shops.

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5. Single attraction tickets can be obtained from the Visitor Centre. For further information see ticketing information for the Historic Dockyard.

6. A Museum only ticket will not allow entry to HMS Victory. However, a ticket for HMS Victory will allow entry to the Museum. There also is the option of the excellent value all-attraction ticket which offers entry to all Portsmouth Historic Dockyard attractions, including the Museum and all the ships. For further information on ticket options, see the Historic Dockyard website.

7. The Nelson, Sailing Navy and Victory galleries have a variety of children's activities available. There is also an activity pack which can be purchased from the Museum reception. Keep an eye on our What's new pages for special holiday events.

8. To find out about special events, watch our What's New and Events pages.

9. Some of the floorboards in the Sailing Navy gallery date back to 1763 and originate from captured French warships.

10. Our postal address and telephone number can be found on our Contact pages

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