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Photo of HMS DREADNOUGHT from the bow

Painting of HMS HOOD in 1941

Photo of German World War II 'Enigma' encoding machine

20th Century Gallery

The 20th Century saw two World Wars, dramatic changes in technology and many social changes in the Royal Navy.

Our new Special Exhibition – ‘Sea Your History: 20th Century Royal Navy’ – opens a window onto the real experiences of the Navy’s people - in combat and under stress, doing their day-to-day work, at rest and play, at home and abroad, at sea and  on land.

The exhibition includes colourful, surprising and often touchingly intimate items of both official and personal material selected from the collections of the Royal Naval Museum, the Fleet Air Arm Museum, the Royal Marines Museum, and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

On display will be many objects which tell stories about Naval life, the uniforms and kit, medals and certificates, programmes and menus, drawings and cartoons, letters and photographs, all typical of the mementoes and private souvenirs that service people and their families gather to themselves.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to listen to recordings of a variety of people talking about their life in the Navy.

The Modern Navy display , sponsored by the Royal Navy, is an up-to-the-minute display on the ships and operations of today's fleet, including ship models and film.

To find out more about the Navy in the Twentieth Century, visit our Sea Your History website or if you have a question about this period, why not try our FAQs

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