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The Nelson model

Life size model of Emma Hamilton

Nelson Gallery

Horatio Nelson: The hero and the man

This exhibition is housed in the Lambert McCarthy Gallery, named after Mrs Lily McCarthy CBE, an American citizen and Nelson collector, and one of the Museum's principal benefactors.

This exhibition contrasts Nelson the public hero with Nelson the private man.

View of the central section of the Nelson Gallery

The main exhibits are:

The Nelson Figure - our answer to the often asked question, 'What did Nelson really look like?', based on the very latest research.

The Nelson Story - an audio visual presentation on Nelson's life and career.

The Nelson Portraits - a computer database highlighting the 'Top ten' images of Nelson and giving the background to how they came to be painted.

Paintings of Nelson and his great battles.

Personal belongings of Nelson and those closest to him - including Emma Hamilton and their daughter Horatia. A figure of Emma is displayed showing her in the dress she designed to celebrate the Battle of the Nile.

A children's activity centre.

The Wedgewood Trafalgar Vase

The New Trafalgar Dispatch

Find out more about Nelson and his life from our FAQs.

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