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War on the Front Page:

The Falklands Conflict in the Headlines

It was hard for naval families to escape the war.  Newspapers put it on the front page and television broadcast it into front rooms. However, accurate information about exactly where a ship was, or what it was doing, was scarce. Reporters in the Task Force saw events mainly from HMS Hermes and Canberra.  Those in London reported from official briefings but still released sensitive information.  Some of this was potentially useful to Argentina during the conflict.

How do you think you would react to these headlines if a member of your family was involved in the Task Force? Would you trust the media?  How do Falklands news stories from 1982 compare to portrayals of conflict in the media today?

Click on a month below to see how newspaper headlines told people at home what was happening in the Falklands. 

April 1982

The Times, 1 April 1982

May 1982

The News, 1 May 1982

June 1982

The Sunday Times, 20 June 1982

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