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Click on the images below to learn more about the Royal Navy and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Map and description of James Island HMS Primrose capturing slave shipSlave dealers inspecting an African male at auctionHMS Black JokeSlave shacklesA group of liberated Afrcians at Fort Augusta 1857Topsail Yards! The preventative squadronCross section of a Slave VesselEnamel patch box

Capture of a slave ship, River CongoSlave auction at VirginiaSlave barracoonHMS Penelope at LagosDrastic Action - burning barracoonsSection through an embarkation canoeHMS Brisk and Sunny SouthSierra Leone, Waterloo MarketDeadly mosquitoesMortality table showing rates and causes of loss on the squadronMemorial to Captain Broughton of HMS PrimroseMemorial to Commander Estcourt of HMS EclairMemorial to those who lost their lives at Lagos, 1851Captured slaver on HMS Sphinx, East Coast of Africa 1907 Ship's carpenter sawing off leg irons of a liberated African, HMS Sphinx 1907

Ratings in HMS Sphinx, 1907

Cdr Frederick Russell featured in Our Gazette Miniature anti-slavery plaque, circa 1800

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